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FEPP Levy Oversight Committee Seeks New Members to Advise on Preschool Through Postsecondary Education Investments

Members of the FEPP Levy Oversight Committee discuss data findings at the May 2022 retreat.

2023 Member Applications Now Open  

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The Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL) is accepting applications for three new members of the Families, Education, Preschool and Promise (FEPP) Levy Oversight Committee (LOC). The LOC monitors the levy’s progress toward achieving educational equity and recommends to DEEL leaders how to support Seattle children, youth, and families through levy investments. The deadline to apply is Tuesday April 4, 2023 at 4:00pm.  

About the FEPP Levy Oversight Committee 

The FEPP levy is a seven-year, $619 million-dollar education investment approved by Seattle voters in November 2018. Under the FEPP levy, DEEL partners with families and community to close opportunity gaps and build better futures for Seattle students by investing in: 

  • High-quality early learning services that prepare children for success in kindergarten; 
  • Physical and mental health services that support learning; 
  • College and job readiness experiences that promote high school graduation; and  
  • Postsecondary opportunities that promote the attainment of a certificate, credential, or degree. 

The 16-member LOC reviews and recommends legislation, such as recent amendments to the FEPP Implementation and Evaluation Plan to harmonize with state and county laws to reflect disruptions and emergent needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. LOC members are also advocates for the communities they represent. They may be invited to serve on community-led review panels for FEPP investments and to participate in opportunities to meet and learn from investment partners.  

Image of Manuela Slye, FEPP LOC Member, Strategic Advisor, and Past President of Seattle Council PTSA 

“As an early childhood educator and as a leader of color in the community, I truly believe in the importance of wide representation at the decision-making table. Our communities across the city are not monolithic: we need leaders deeply involved in community to bring forth the voices of families and students from diverse groups. I feel honored to be a member of the levy committee and I see this as an opportunity to empower the Latino community to get involved and elevate their voices because they matter. The future of their children depend on it.” 

Manuela Slye, FEPP LOC Member, Strategic Advisor, and Past President of Seattle Council PTSA 

Learn more about the Levy Oversight Committee here

About the Commitment  

Upon appointment by Seattle City Council, LOC members serve three-year terms and expect to spend approximately ten hours per month on FEPP-related matters. DEEL seeks applicants connected to communities disproportionately impacted by systemic inequities in education, including people of color, immigrant, refugee, queer & transgender people, English language learners, and people experiencing homelessness. Youth, young adults, and family members of students served by FEPP Levy investments are encouraged to apply. 

 Interested applicants should have the following:  

  • An interest in working with local government officials to improve educational outcomes 
  • Demonstrated commitment to racial equity through prior volunteer experience 
  • Lived or professional experience related to FEPP Levy investments in preschool, health, K-12 academic achievement, cultural responsiveness, and postsecondary completion 
  • Desire and ability to dedicate ten hours per month 
  • An updated resume 

How to Apply 

To be considered to serve, submit an application through the City’s Boards and Commissions website by April 4, 2023 at 4:00pm. From the “Apply to a Board or Commission” bar, click “submit your application” to access the application.

Images shows a screenshot that instructs the viewer to go to “Apply to a Board or Commission” bar, and then click “submit your application” to access the application.

Once in the application, be sure to select “FEPP LOC” from the drop-down menu. 

Image instructs the viewer to select "FEPP LOC" from the drop-down menu once in the application.

Contact Mei-Li Thomas for questions at or (206) 573-2241.