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FEPP Levy K-12 School-Based Investments Announcement

School Leaders,

It is with great excitement that I announce the beginning of the Department of Education and Early Learning’s (DEEL) funding process for our School Year 2020-2021 K-12 School-Based Investments!

The Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise (FEPP) Levy provides $619 million dollars over seven years (School Year 2019-2020 through 2025-2026) to advance educational equity, close opportunity gaps, and build a better economic future for Seattle students in partnership with families and communities. As a result of the FEPP Levy, approximately $115 million dollars will be directly invested in Seattle schools through K-12 School-Based awards.

We know that in order for FEPP Levy investments to achieve the stated goal of educational equity—where access to educational opportunities and academic achievement are not predicated on a person’s race—City, school, and community partners will need to be innovative, flexible, accountable, and use data to inform their practice. DEEL believes that education is social justice. We believe that by leading with race and social justice, and providing Seattle residents access to equitable educational opportunities, high-quality learning environments, and student and family supports from preschool to post-secondary, we will transform the lives of Seattle’s children, youth, and families. We invite you to join us in this important work.

Key things to know about FEPP Levy K-12 School Based Investments

  • DEEL will competitively award school-based investments in three categories: Elementary and K-8 Schools, Middle School, and High School.
  • School-Based award recipients will be required to implement interventions in two areas: (1) Expanded Learning and Academic Support, and (2) College and Career Readiness.
  • To be considered for funding, public schools seeking investment are invited to (1) submit an Intent to Apply (ITA) by June 28, 2019, and (2) submit a complete Request for Investment (RFI) application in fall 2019.
  • DEEL will notify successful applicants in February 2020 for investments beginning in School Year 2020-2021.

Please visit DEEL’s website to learn more about FEPP Levy Funding Opportunities, including K-12 School Based awards, and to view the FEPP Levy Implementation and Evaluation Plan. All questions regarding DEEL’s funding processes should be sent to

In gratitude,

Dwane Chappelle

Director, Department of Education and Early Learning