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Thank You, Seattle Child Care Providers and Educators!

Child care providers, early learning educators, youth development workers, and K-12 teachers play an essential role in the development of our children and a strong social infrastructure. Their value has never been more apparent than during the last year, when life and learning for Seattle’s children and youth took on a drastically different format.

DEEL is deeply grateful for all of our city’s child care providers and educators for their support and nurturing care of Seattle students and families over the last year. They have supported children and families in countless ways, adapted to the challenges of remote learning, and kept students engaged and connected to their school community – and we appreciate all that they do!

In recognition of their service to families and students, Mayor Jenny Durkan has proclaimed today, May 7th, as Child Care Provider and Educator Appreciation Day.

The full text of the mayoral proclamation, signed by Mayor Durkan this morning, is below:

Mayoral Proclamation in Recognition of National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Week

WHEREAS,               the City of Seattle recognizes that children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and literacy development are built on a foundation of positive interactions with caring adults and educators;

WHEREAS,               child care providers and teachers play a crucial role in supporting families, and participation in high–quality early childhood education saves taxpayer dollars, makes working families more economically secure, and prepares children to succeed in school, earn higher wages, and live healthier lives.  

WHEREAS,               many of Seattle’s child care providers, often at great personal and professional cost, continued serving children and families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting students’ remote learning and safeguarding children’s health and safety while facing financial strain from smaller class sizes and increased costs;

WHEREAS,               thousands of child care providers, educators, and dedicated teachers in Seattle Public Schools adapted to the challenges of remote learning and devoted themselves to keeping students engaged in academic growth and connected to their school and community throughout the pandemic;

WHEREAS,               many child care providers and educators, some direct victims of racism and harassment themselves, have been tireless advocates for families and children of color, helping children learn how to navigate trauma, creating safe and antiracist learning environments, and working for the dismantling of systemic racism in education and government institutions and for educational justice for historically underserved students;

WHEREAS,               Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated annually during the first week of May and Child Care Provider Appreciation Day on the Friday preceding the Mother’s Day holiday,


Child Care Provider and Educator Appreciation Day

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan
City of Seattle